Thursday, April 17, 2008


Your hump day is over, there is one more day left to the week, how ya feelin??

Well, I've had some celtic music up here for a few days now for you to listen to, that's 1/2 my heritage, so figured I'd let you hear the other half of my heritage for a few days! ENJOY

Well, the tarp blankets on the garden worked, it made it through the 'chilly' nights we had. The chickens are getting spoiled now. I've let them out of their pen each night for an hour or so to free range, and now every morning I go out, they wait at the gate, thinking I'm going to let them out ALL Day. Spoiled they are, I tell you!

I've got a job to do this weekend, a Sweet 16 party to play some music for, so I've been busy with that for the last few days. Should be a fun thing. Hubby is even going with me too. I get him to lug the equipment for free!! (I'm bad huh! LOL)

We are hoping to put a deck onto the back of the house this year, keep your fingers crossed that we do, and believe it or not..guess what I convinced my hubby of yesterday.
That I really needed a green house! LOL..woohoo! He agreed and said he'd been thinking about it to. So be on the lookout for a greenhouse for the farm coming soon! It'll be a small one for sure, but I wouldnt' want anything too big.

That's about all the updates for now, I must go and prepare more music for the party this weekend.
See you next time, down on the farm!

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Unknown said...

OMG we are so alike. I know you will wish that I hadn't found your blog. I love greens any of them!

I also had/have a greenhouse that I talked my dh into building when we first bought the place. It is made out of the fiberglass panels that are mostly clear and wood with lots of glass windows,
12'X 18' beautiful, he did a great job, but it cost too much to heat in our cold winters. After 2 years I ran out of room for anymore flowers and we put insulation and real wood paneling inside and got a hot tub so now I have a "Hothouse" of sorts.