Tuesday, April 8, 2008

G'mornin! It's Tuesday

I think it's Tuesday! Went to the vet yesterday as planned. Cami has somehow really messed up her knee. She's got medicine to take for the next few days and a week to make it all better on her own, if not, it's xray and possible surgery time. ((sigh)) Let's hope she can heal it on her own. She was fine with it till I had to give her the medicine last night. She bout had a fit..what do I mean..'bout had a fit'..she DID have a fit ..and I do believe, hurt it further in the process. She's not walking again today and when she does, she holds it up and hops along three legged.

Since today is Tuesday, it's gardening day for me, so I'm off to play in the garden, meet me at the Garden Gate!

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