Monday, April 7, 2008

Glad you're here!

Welcome to the Hedgewife page!
Hedgewife is a word that I came up with in the middle of the night, trying to figure out what *I* was. I was stuck, between the modern world and my love of the Pioneer or Amish women and their lifestyle. Feeling a bit like a Hedge that seperated two fields, one in the 21st Century, and one from long ago. That hedge didn't move, it was 1/2 in and 1/2 out of each world, but was solid in it's stand. So, was born the 'Hedgewife'. Take time to read about the idea of a Hedgewife, and if it's you, let me know. I love hearing from all of you!
I am hoping to soon open up a forum for all the 'lost' Hedgewifes out there. So look for a link soon! Then we can chat about our 'dual' lifestyles! :) Happy Hedging!

A Welcome letter

I've searched the net to find others who think like I do and I just hope there are some out there who understand. It could be you. I'll let my mind ramble upon the page and you see if you can make head or tails of it.

I admire the Amish. Primarily the Amish women. Their way of living, the day to day needs they contend with, the basics of life and the way in which they work together is inspiring to me.

The Wife of old, the Pioneer women and early settlers of this land or any land have my admiration. They started with nothing, but with earnest work and intelligence provided daily needs for their family.
Consider for a moment one basic need. Clothes. A simple shirt. The process of a shirt went from shearing the sheep to washing and carding the wool, to spinning the thread and finally weaving on a loom to make the material. That's a lot of work and a lot of hours in the making for one shirt! Now, clothe an entire family. Your mate, your children and yourself. WOW!!

Do I want my life like that? No, but I appreciate the women who did it and the work involved. I've grown up in a world of mechanisms, electronics and the microchip. To go back to a time like that and try to do what those women did, I'd probably never make it. Neither would many of us.

If you can manage to go off grid and do it all as the Pioneer did, I congratulate you. I can't nor do I want to.
I am a Hedgewife, a wife of old in concept.

The certain simple things of the Pioneer, the Amish or the Farm wife attract me. The idea of a job done by hand. A way of life that is simple and easy, but hard work. It's a different kind of hard work though, it's a satisfying one.
I am a Hedgewife, a wife that enjoyes to work with her hands. Making things from bread to quilts.
I do much the same things a Pioneer or an Amish women does. I rise in the morning and have a daily routine that I go by. I like making my own bread as needed. I garden to put food on the table, I 'put up' or 'put aside' the harvest. I sew clothes and quilts for my household. I cook everyday.....well almost.
I am a Hedgewife, I enjoy those days when I live in the 21'st Century. Just like every other 'wife' or women out there, I have my days where I love the conviences of today. Going out to dinner or ordering out. Just like every other person on this planet, there are days when I'm not 'at my best' or just being absolutely lazy and choose to do nothing. Just like everyone else I watch tv, love the movies and dance to the music.
I am a Hedgewife, a women living between the old and the new, like a hedge between the fields.

The Hedgewife

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