Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Garden Tips for the day`

We can't forget about the flowers this year ya know. So here's some tips for the flower garden!


To increase the fragrance of your rosebushes, plant parsley all around them.

Poppy's don't like to be transplanted, so scatter the seeds in the flower garden and let them go!
Nick your Morning Glory seeds and soak them in warm water overnight before planting.
I'll check back in later, after I've come in from the Garden.
Sooo, Meet me at the Garden Gate!!

Well here it is....a wee bit later in the day for me...and lo and behold, I've uncovered the garden and all is well!! WHEW!
We've got one more night of chilly weather and the weather man is calling for rain here for us today, but..it's not raining yet, and it's past noon! Not sure when this rain is supposed to start, but the wind sure is giving us a fit today! My chimes have not stopped singing all day. This is usually a good sign for me that rain is on the way.

I am pleased that all the garden plants made it through, as well as the decorative plants and flowers. My yard has looked like a 'tarp' garden for a few days now!

I'm off to enjoy some afternoon sunshine and warm myself in it. Till next time!

Meet me at the Garden Gate!

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