Saturday, April 12, 2008

Garden Lab and experiments!

This isn't quit 'garden lore, it's more like 'moon lore'...but if used correctly, can really help in the garden or any yard work.
And it goes something like this:

Dig a hole on the full moon, you'll have too much dirt

Dig a hole on the new moon, and you'll not have enough.

SO?..ever heard this one?? Well, give it a try. Digging on the rise of the moon..(from new to full) will give you more dirt then the hole will handle if you fill it back in, and just the opposite if you dig on the 'falling' of the moon (from full to new). Moreso on the exact days of each...full and new.
(I can see you all now, out there diggin up your yards on the full of the moon night..hehehe)

I started a few experiements this morning. I've never grown this from seed, always had cuttings. Today however, I broke that tradition. I purchased some seeds several weeks back and figured today was just as good a day as any to get them in some dirt.

Here's some pics of some of the other experiements I'm trying out. Follow me along as we see if any of these will work. :)

The 4 little pots in the front hold the tiny Coleus seeds.

The three pots in the back, are 'salvages' from a friends garden that stayed out all winter. The first pot is a transplant. The second two, are our experiment. As I was dumping the 'dead' plants to reuse the dirt, I found a few 'roots' that seemed 'alive', so I've planted them in fresh dirt and am giving them a fighting chance to 'come back'. I'll keep updated posts here from the little experiment. I wish them luck!

Early this morning, I plucked the first garden crop, some mustard greens that were big enough to use as a salad..and that's exactly what I'm having with our chicken dinner tonight!

YUMMM!!! See you next The Garden Gate!!!

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