Saturday, April 12, 2008

Can you believe...

It's Saturday, and they are calling for a possible frost here, Monday night! ACK!!

This happened to us last year. The garden was up, big bold plants of all the crops, and we woke one morning to find, EVERYTHING..down, everything wilted over, dead. It was a sad sad day. It was Mothers Day weekend. A freak unexpected frost came in..and zapped the entire garden. Not to mention the fruit trees as well. The blueberry blooms were gone, the figs hardly produced, everything suffered last year.

We want to be as prepared as possible for that this year. So yesterday, we began preparing for the 'upcoming frost' just in case. We covered the boxes in plastic earlier this year, but that was before the plants were up as big as they are. Now we've got to give 'headspace' for all the plants. We placed stakes in each box yesterday so that we can 'teepee' the plastic over them. We'll prep it on Sunday afternoon and come late monday afternoon, I'll cover each box so that the sun can warm them before going down.

In the meantime.. Seems I'm having some 'ant' problems in the garden, so we had to put some ant deterrent in there yesterday. We did a widespread coverage because fire ants usually just want to 'move over' not 'move out'. We want them to 'move out!'. Fire ants are NO FUN! They WILL kill a crop! (as well as stinging you! can make you sick if enough of them get you and you are allergic!)

Well, if you've been to the Farm page, you know what I'm going to be doing today. I'll be outside early in the day of course doing any last minute preps for the rain we are expecting today, but a rainy day is just the right kind of day to make 'Strawberry Jam' check out the Farm page and take a gander at the booty we collected yesterday! I'm off to 'jam' ...
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