Monday, April 21, 2008

Ahh..a new week!

A new day, it's B&B day, bed and bath. Sheets and towels and I"ve got sheets waiting to be hung out on the line. I love the smell of the sheets when they are hung out. So fresh and clean smelling.

Do you hang out clothes?? I"m pretty good about the sheets and towels.

Yesterday I made some homemade Sourdough Wheat bread. The hubby couldnt' get enough of it. I've got a picture that I'll post later for you to see.
Ohh the bread was good, but what was even better, was the lovely smell of baked bread that lasted in the house throughout the day.
Ever notice how smells make you feel? Clean, off the line sheets, baked bread, strawberries. Do smells bring back memories for you? Some certianly do for me.

Even flowers and perfume. They could bring back memories of your mother, your grandfather, or a favorite place you visted. Take time to smell the day. Bring back some memories.

Till next time!

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