Monday, April 14, 2008

Ahh it's Monday

The start of a brand new week!

Monday's are my "B&B" days. B&B stands for Bed and Bath. That's the two rooms I clean on Mondays. (besides it's laundry day too)
Many moons ago I sat aside an hour for each room. Took my timer, and all my cleaning things (homemade cleaner, brushes, trash bags, brooms, rags and the like) and headed for each room. I'd set the timer and get to work. I'd spend ONE hour in each room cleaning it from top to bottom.
I'd start at the door, on the right and work my way around the room till I was back to where I started. Including windows! If I wasn't finished in an hour, that was ok. I knew next week, it would take even less time. As the weeks went by, everything got easier and easier to clean. (the 'spiffing up' everyday sure does help) I didn't need to spend an hour. Now, I set the timer for 1/2 hour for each room, doing the same things...starting at the door, working my way around till I'm back at the door, it's easy.
If you remember my morning routine of flinging back the covers on the bed and then cleaning the bathroom each morning before I made the bed, this is the one morning where that changes. I always change the sheets and wash them on Mondays since it's my 'laundry' day.
So on Monday, when I wake up, I strip the bed and start the laundry. Then I go about my cleaning schedule.
The bedroom cleaning works the same way, I start at the door and work my way around the room. Putting the fresh sheets on the bed is usually the last thing I do.
After doing this long enough, you gather a speed and a pattern. It doesnt take an hour in each room anymore, half an hour is plenty.

If you decide to start doing this, a couple of things to remember.
ONE hour only. Never more. If you didn't get it this week, you'll get it next week. The time that you did spend in each room will be well worth the feeling of accomplishment.
Always 'clear the decks' before starting. Meaning, trash is first. Collect all trash and dirty clothes first, remove them. You'd be surprised just how much that alone makes a difference.
If you're starting out in a very cluttered room, spend just 10 minutes on each section of clutter, then move to the next, remember your hour rule.
Repeat this every week. It wont take long before it's all cleared and cleaned and you'll be surprised.

So...Mondays are B&B days..I'm off to hang my laundry out! Have a great Monday!

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