Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is it over yet??

Egads! ** (huffing and puffing totaly out of steam)**

I feel like I've been running for two weeks now. Come to think of it..I HAVE! Man oh Man, I've cleaned, created, and shopped my way to a very sore pair of feet, sore fingers, sore hands,..well let's just say..I'm sore. ALL OVER! So I'm wondering, is it over yet?

Ohh no! Tis not over adventure is just beginning. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is when it all begins. Tomorrow is when ...the guests start arriving and my house becomes over loaded with gifts...large gifts, small gifts and all sizes in between. The house will be bursting with suitcases, overnight bags, long lost children, friends and family. And the food, we wont talk about that just yet. Should be fun!! :)
I'll post pictures when I can! Till next time :D

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