Monday, March 31, 2008

Draggin' her butt!

Well, it's over. The big day has passed and everything went off without a hitch. The table was beautiful, the decorations were tactfuly done and very pretty, and the flower bouquets were everywhere! We had a grand time, and my daughter got enough stuff to last the baby it's first year plus! I tell you this much, this baby could sport a new outfit everyday, never wear the same thing twice, and still not run out of things to wear for a year! EGADS!
All went well, and I will be posting some pictures of the event later in the week.
Right now, I've promised myself a five day mini vacation, and I have full intentions of taking it starting...YESTERDAY!! The house is in order, all cleaned and back to it's original pre party state, and I'm TIRED. So I'm taking a break! I deserve it! (I tell myself I do anyway :)
Oh yeah, one more thing. I guess this little family of ours is becoming a baby magnet. On Friday, my Daughter in law (My painting partner in crime) and Son called me from NY. Seems, they are now expecting their first little bundle of joy!
I guess this means I gotta get started on a new baby quilt huh??

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is it over yet??

Egads! ** (huffing and puffing totaly out of steam)**

I feel like I've been running for two weeks now. Come to think of it..I HAVE! Man oh Man, I've cleaned, created, and shopped my way to a very sore pair of feet, sore fingers, sore hands,..well let's just say..I'm sore. ALL OVER! So I'm wondering, is it over yet?

Ohh no! Tis not over adventure is just beginning. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is when it all begins. Tomorrow is when ...the guests start arriving and my house becomes over loaded with gifts...large gifts, small gifts and all sizes in between. The house will be bursting with suitcases, overnight bags, long lost children, friends and family. And the food, we wont talk about that just yet. Should be fun!! :)
I'll post pictures when I can! Till next time :D

Monday, March 24, 2008

HI everyone! It's Monday, the start of a brand new week. That's as much fun as having a clean chalkboard to write on! :)

Well, my best friend in all the world sent me the funniest picture today and I just had to share it here on my blog. I hope you laugh at it like I did! Enjoy and I hope you make the most of your new Monday!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Well, it's BUNNY TIME!

Here's wishing everyone a great Easter if you celebrate it, and or a great Spring Equinox, or Ostara for those that celebrate in other ways!

We've been busy all weekend with planting flowers, framing gardens, rearranging rooms, clearing out rooms of uneeded items and preparing for our upcoming weekend gathering. WHEW! It's been very tiring!
I'm ready for a long winters nap! Ohh wait..I already had that didn't I? Well, I was supposed to have that, somewhere along the line my long winters nap got lost in the shuffle of winter vacations and redecorating tasks. Can I take it now?? I sure do need it!

I'm vowing to myself, that as soon as this upcoming 'gathering' weekend is over, I'm taking my Spring Break, I'm going to do NOTHING for a week! (well, 5 days worth of it at least)

We didn't get to finish planting the garden this weekend as hoped. Our temps are supposed to hit freezing tomorrow night, so we are holding off for a few more weeks. I WOULD do it next weekend, but that's the gathering time, so it will have to be postponed till the following weekend.
It's ok though, if you do a garden, patience is a must.

I hear the couch calling me to come relax and put my feet up. Can't you hear it? Till next time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crafting and paint staining

Paint Stain: Wet the rag, dip it in your paint and RUB RUB RUB!

Here ya go, some visuals to help you paint stain your wood furnture!

Here's what you'll get!'ll get to do it again and again, with different colors, like RED

WOW!! Bright isnt it??
Then, you can tone it down and age it with Yellow!

Here's the finished project!!

ENJOY! and PAINT STAIN everything! It's addicting!

Sage <;-)

WOW!! wanna see what I DID?? (with help)

Thought I'd go ahead and share the final result of the Dinning room that was painted yesterday! Enjoy

There are more pics and I will post them later..of the befores too..but for now, know that I LOVE THIS ROOM!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'M BACK! (sort of!)

Here it is past the Ides of March, St. Patricks day and coming into the last part of March. Seems the time sure does fly by on a fast broom stick around here.
I've got a baby shower for my daughter to get ready for, a house to clean and a garden to plant, and for some strange reason in the middle of all this chaos, I decided to paint my dinning room!
Why in the world did I do that? Go figure, one never knows when the create bug is going to hit and you combine that with spring fever and the eternal decorating and you got problems! (that would be me!)

I did stay very busy this past weekend with outside work. We had wonderful weather most all weekend. Of course, there was that major upheaval on Saturday night with tornados all around us, hail and all the accompaniments that come with storms like that. We battened down the hatches as best we could, prepared for what may lay ahead and then, waited. Nothing. Wasn't a false alarm, it just so happens the cells that were producing the tornados split just before they go to our area and blew on either side of us. Ok..that's cool. That was the big excitement for the weekend I guess. Ahh the Ides of March.

A lot of garden work was accomplished and this is a good thing. My rock garden is back in order, and a portion of the veggie garden has been planted. Now, I watch the news like a hawk waiting for a freak frost to come out of no where and blindside me like it did last year! (we lost it all last year, had to start all over again, and I don't want a repeat of that!)

I would have updated sooner, but silly me forget her password, and trying to get one from Blogger is like trying to pull teeth from an alligator! Today though, I tried the impossible, and it worked.
So that's my update for now, I'll do better now that I've changed my password! See you soon!