Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall has arrived!!

Well, here we are into October, Halloween just around the corner. Our weather has taken a change for the better..we still have a few 80 degree days, but all in all, it's pleasant enough that our air has been turned off! WOOHOOO! This is a good thing.

Over the past week we've canned up 12 quarts of potatoes, 16 pints of pears and 12-1/2 pints of onions. We've filled the freezer with venison and various other meats and stocked the pantry with  good sale items! Bring on the winter storms..we are ready!

(sad thing..the south doesn't get much in winter storms, but I can pretend and prepare anyway!)

We've been working on the rabbit hutch, making repairs and changing a few things about in it. Not only have we added to our poultry flock, but Rabbits are on the list to gain soon. I suppose in a few weeks we'll be on the search for the bunnies..for now, preps for their home must be finished.

Seems like I can't catch up on the housework as of late..what with working, the final crop harvesting, canning and preserving along with the holidays looming ahead, the house work seems to be the last on the list. Unfortunately, my energy runs out long before I get to the bottom of the list!! LOL

I've got a few more seeds to order for next year, but alas, my biggest seed purchase for some herbs and the like is complete and in place in my seed box. As far as herbs go..and most veggies, I'm ready for next year! How about you?

Life on the farm, even a small one, is busy from spring till fall. Winter it seems is our 'down' time..a time to relax. Even then if one thinks about it, Winter is a busy season too with handiwork. Way back when, clothes were made, blankets knitted or crocheted, quilts finished up, along with various outside work that could be done. Life in general is busy. Busy is good.

Till next time..down on the farm,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Adding to the flock! we added a few more chooks to the mix of chooks we have. We purchased 10 Golden sex links..all hens (a breed I have never had before) and I'm still on the lookout for a 'sitter'.  Rhodies nor Sex-links are prone to 'sitting' a nest.  I'm hoping to find someone who may have a Orpington, Barred Rock or Dominque they are no longer wish to keep because she has gone broody..I hear tell they are good broody hens and mothers...I can always hope! We would like our 'flock' to self perpetuating. I know many don't want that..but we do. :) I'll take natures incubator over an electric one any day. :)

We'll be starting to revamp the small garden with this coming fall. It has to be totally redone. New fencing, new posts....boxes removed..tilled several times...and on and on. We are planning on only tending the smaller garden next year, instead of the bigger one or both.

Currently we are on the lookout for a few rabbits to add to the chaos here. Searching for the big white meat rabbits..New Zealand whites..need just male, one female.
I guess we are creating an 'eden' here! LOL

But..that's all the news for now..see you soon!