Tuesday, October 25, 2011

100 acres of people? Oh no!

Fifteen years ago I moved here to the country. We've lived surrounded by acres and acres of farm land (not my own mind you) surrounding our house and across the road. There were (are) no other houses near mine. None. Matter of fact, by distance measurement alone, my closest neighbor is home to many.. it's a graveyard.

About a year ago my country solitude received a shock with the simple placement of a 'for sale' sign on the land across the street. ACK!!! I watched the sign daily at first. Then weekly as it didn't move nor did it ever get the 'sold' placard stamped across it's face. I started to relax. Maybe nobody wanted it. He did have a high price on it and it was 100 acres to be sold in one unit, he would not break it up. If I remember correctly, he wanted 30,000 an acre for it. 100 x's 30,000 is like 300,000.00 That's a lot for land around here. It would never sell. (of course, there are idiots everywhere ya know)

Apparently the owner found one. The sign was removed at the beginning of this week and today heavy equipment started moving in to clear it out. My heart is broken as I fear my idyllic solitary country life will no longer be solitary.
For some reason, I don't believe a 'single' house is going to go in. For some reason my gut is telling me that 100 acres will make a prime location for a neighborhood. 100 acres, that's lots of subdivision space ya know. At an acre per house, that's 100 houses. (OHMYGAWD!)  At 2 acres per house, that's 50 houses. (GULP!)

Shudder the thought that they make them 1/4 acre lots! 

One, I might could deal with...but 100??? (or more)

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the canned quilter said...

Yes we are in the same boat. There are large tracts of land on both sides of us that are owned by men in their 90's. It's just a matter of time : (