Monday, April 4, 2011

Sprouting & Wine!

Would you drink for me?

 What does one of those have to do with the other?? Not much, but it's whats been going on here at the Farm. If you've read my blog before, then you know I occasionally volunteer my services to the SC Police Academy. Yep, I drink for the po po. After getting another call, I packed up my wine and headed to Columbia with Officer Buchanan (see above), this was to be an all day testing for an advanced class. I took along the camera!

My choice of alcohol, I mean, it was EARLY!
 Names have been changed to protect the innocent! Hahaha, I'm not naming names, but I do have permission to post the pics!
Two of my drinking partners.

Empty down, several more to go!
Two more drinking partners.

The whole gang (minus me), into a game of Quiddler!

" I was THIS BIG!"
"Sure,'re not the slightest drunk are you?"

Giddy maybe?

Texting while drinking?

Time to "BLOW!"
FIRST!! (you failed)

SECOND! (you fail!)

THIRD! (another fail!)

Trust me, we all failed, but we were supposed to! When it was time to go down for testing, there were 5 or 6 classes that had to test us. Normal roadside tests were administered along with some new and improved more detailed testing. Trust me, it truly was an all day event!

See ya next time......down on the farm! Sage

The Spring of Life! (and one thing)

 A lovely spring day! The garden is coming in and it's time for some country farm girl fun!

Let's play some golf!

Ciannon enjoys the outside on a lovely spring morning!

Spinach and Kale, up and already in use.
I've harvested spinach and kale two times already. The spinach was enjoyed in a lovely salad, the kale put aside for hubs dinner!

Radishes almost ready to pull. Strawberries coming along.

Beans sprouted and growing. Soon they'll reach the running rack!
 The beans have sprouted and are on the rise to reach the trellis made for them. It's weighed down with the bricks so our spring winds won't blow it down.

Random yard flowers.

Garden #2, the zucchini, yellow squash, cantaloupe, sugar pumpkins, corn and okra on their way up!
 Most everything in the big garden, Garden #2 has sprouted.

Even the corn is up a few inches.

Cami watches as the sun comes up.

Fig trees coming into leaf.
 The sun beams through the front trees as the early morning springs forth!

Here comes the sun!

LOVE the moss hanging!

Baxter giving the yard an early morning stroll!

Ciannon getting ready to start the farm chores for the day
 The small garden, or Garden #1. Only two boxes left to plant, now I need to decide what to put in them!

Distance view of Garden #2

What's in here to play with?
We are getting 'springy' down on the farm. The garden is coming in, (the weeds are too), and soon, it will be veggies galore to contend with! ENJOY!
Oh yes, as far as our one thing goes, it's an easy one today. I'm asking you to think. Think of ONE way you can reduce YOUR cost at the grocery store. ONE WAY, that's it. If it means growing your own tomatoes, (in containers even) then get out the dirt and the seeds! If it means making less trips by planning ahead and creating menus, then get to it. If it means not buying something you KNOW you can make at home, then get to baking, making or creating. ONE THING..ONE WAY. :) You can do this!