Monday, February 21, 2011

It's one thing Monday!

Yep, here we are again!
Our one thing Mondays what shall we do today?
I actually have several things I have to do, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, make a scarecrow..yep. That's right, scarecrow. Don't know if it will work, but I have to give something a shot. Last week I lost one of my 3 month old pullets to a prey bird and he's still roaming the area. Sooo scarecrow it is with the hopes that it will deter him.
But back to our one thing. Today, it's the washer and dryer. They need a bath. So today, I'm going to give my washer and dryer a good wash/wipe down. Lint, dirt and dust collects on them, I know this. And with mine being right at my back door, dog tails are constantly hitting them spreading dirt everywhere! So your one thing is, cleaning the washer and dryer!

I've got a recipe to share with you later. A crock pot recipe..and it was soo good!
The DIL and I worked in the garden for two days last week, my boxes are all seated and filled with dirt ready to plant. It's a wonderful 54 degrees here this morning and according to the Almanac, our last frost date is March 9. I've already planted seedlings and some are sprouting. I can't wait, it's garden time again folks!

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