Friday, January 14, 2011

Whew, what a day

Did someone say busy?? Wow..I was busy.
I ended up not being able to go shopping yesterday, so at 5 am this morning I was up and at it. First things first ya know, coffee to be made! Gotta have my go juice! With the coffee brewing I grabbed the laundry from the bathroom, gave the bathroom a wipe down, swished the toilet and straightened the bed on my way out. First load of laundry in ..whites, hot wash. Then I grabbed the vacuum, cleaned out the filters and such on the vacuum and began the vacuuming chore.
I hate to vacuum, just so you know. My house is entirely carpet (except for the kitchen & baths) and right now, there are 4 dogs and 2 cats living here. Now you understand why I vacuum EVERY day and probably get a drift on why I hate it. Especially since my carpet is.....hmmm, well as my DIL put it she said "it's like a velvet that catches and holds on to EVERYTHING' and she's right. Vacuuming done and machine put away I started breakfast. Oatmeal today with some home canned warmed cinnamon pears and toast on the side.
Breakfast complete and grocery sale list in hand, out the door we go. Three stops, sale items only.
Ok ok ok..I confess, I picked up a FEW extra things (not many) but got those on sale too.
Just so happens one of the stores had one of my favorite wines on sale, (about 2$ less then normal) PLUS they had $1.00 coupons on the top. Sooo I paid about 7$ per bottle and bought 2! (normally about 10-12$ per bottle depending on where you buy it!)
I got various other items between 2 more stores, all on sale. Total cost today, about 70$.
Back home, cabinets re-organized with the new purchases and dinner pulled out (red beans and rice plus hamburger with cornbread from scratch) Clothes from the washer hung and drying the Chicken soup canning to begin! I did snap some pics, so I'll post those up tomorrow.
Let me warn all those who are interested in canning. I encourage anyone to give it a try, but be forewarned, it is not a lazy job. TIME INTENSIVE! Be prepared.
I made some homemade granola cereal today too. Good stuff.
Tomorrow is Saturday right? I'm ready for bed!'s been a busy day.

See ya next time......down on the farm! Sage

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