Monday, January 17, 2011

Thought I'd show you this

Here is the current quilt I'm working on. The DIL helps me with it when she can, it's her first time quilting and I'm loving that she's giving it a try, maybe I can recruit another quilter!
The frame of course, is not store bought, but one the hubby and I made. It doesn't work as good as some I've used before, but it does get the job done, with some fussing, screaming and yelling and lots of patients. I've made 4 quilts on it so far, so it's not awful!
I'm sure we'll eventually improve on the design or break down and buy one. (not in my plans at the moment). 
And if you know Sage the Hedgewife, you know I like to do quilts by hand. Takes me longer sure, but I like it that way. This quilt is about a twin size, my plans are to use it in the living room for a 'toss over'. Ya know what I mean by a toss over right? One that you keep on the back of the couch or close at hand in the living room and toss it over you while you sip tea or hot chocolate (or for me coffee) on those cool or rainy or gloomy days while cherishing and old movie or even a new one. Yep, a toss over.

My next quilt I'm going to try my hand at using a lap frame. I have one (a round one), and I'm hoping to get it going before winter ends so I can use it to cover me while I quilt!

That's a warm memory. My mother was not a quilter, she loved to crochet. She made beautiful afghans. I remember every year just as summer was ending she would begin a new afghan. By the time the weather started to cool, she had the afghan big enough to cover her lap, and then when full blustery winter cold set in, she had it big enough to cover her feet. She finished it just as season ended. Smart women my mother, I think I'll try to be like her, except in quilts of course.

Even though the pictures make some of the squares in the 9 patch blocks look different colors, the rose color is all the same on the 9 patch and the bigger plain squares. Silly picture taker camera.

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ga.farmwoman said...

The quilt is beautiful. That is something I want to do soon. Quilt.
I hope your DIL stays with it. It is wonderful she has you to help her learn.
Maybe I can my husband to make me a quilting frame next? Just a thought!!

Have a great day.