Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Do you make them? Better yet, do you keep them??

I've never been much on New Years Resolutions..instead, let's call them declarations! are a 10 of my declarations for the year 2010..(sounds cool doesn't it?)

Just more, no less..keep it simple I always say.

1. I promise to keep Christmas all year long (read: working on xmas decorations/gifts/crafts at least ONCE every month and keeping the Christmas spirit while I do it.)

2. I will find a proper recipe for pizza dough and teach myself to toss the dough like those old Italian pizza makers!

3. To spend as much time as I can with my family. (Cuz I know there will come a day when there will be 'no more time')

4. To perfect a good biscuit

5. Make the ultimate "honey do" list for someone else!! (meaning: THE HUBS)

6. To pay it forward as much and as often as I can.

7. To put my best foot forward in EVERY situation I find myself in..either good or bad.

8. To not look upon the drudgery of 'work' as such, but instead as an opportunity to say to myself "SELF: Be Thankful you have the ability (both physical and mental) to do the daily drudge"
8A. Along with this, to take each 'job' as an opportunity to reevaluate what's important to me.

9. To do something I ENJOY and LOVE..once a month.

10. To read more.

Simple huh?? come on..fess up..what's yours??

See ya soon..

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NancyD said...

What a nice list! Hmmm, I'm married to an Italian but never have I had the urge to throw the pizza crust! LOL Well, maybe at hime! JUST KIDDING!!!!! I LOVE the Pay It Forward thing, it's everywhere and DH even heard it at the hockey game the other night when he held the door for a gazillion people. (Some are so ridiculously rude though, aren't they?) I don't have a "list" but I would like to borrow some of yours and just be a good person for myself and everyone else. And keep on blogging! LOL Hugs ~ Nancy