Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yes, I have been crafting!

I know, I posts in a long time. Many of you must think I've given up on the 'crafting' but I have not. Trust me.

As of recently here is what has been 'crafting' around at my house!
First off..I've made this

She stands about 24inches High, has bloomers, shoes and plenty of lace!!

The doll of course, is for my first Granddaughter, Ciannon Bailey (my wild Irish Rose!) who will be celebrating her first birthday this Thanksgiving. I'll be traveling to upstate NY with my sister to visit and celebrate the grand event. . So you know..I had to make her an Irish Miss, red hair, green eyes and even a tartan plaid dress. I hope she will have many years of enjoyment from her.

Christmas as we all know, is soon to follow so I'm trying to make her some Christmas gifts to take along on the trip.
Here's the beginnings of a few items.
While sitting at the doctors office and the hospital the other day (and a few hours at home) I made an appliqued flannel cat pillow front, and even cut out a second cat (in the opposite colors) to match and go onto the front of some PJ's I plan on making for Ciannon. I'll probably have these things finished up by the weekend. Then of course, I had to cut out a stuffed 'cat' pattern to go along with all the 'kitty' theme. We'll see what I come up with for those! :)

Here's the pattern I plan on using for the kitty cat..lower left hand corner. I plan on using the same pattern for the dog (lower right) to make for Brayden, grandson #1, who's now 1 1/2!!

Of course, in between and before all these things were put together, I made up some things just for randomness and fun. Thing such as these:
Stuffed kitties, just the right hand size for toddlers, a quilt square pillow, fall/halloween potpourri bags filled with all natural potpourri, a doll quilt and even some lip balm.
So's not like I haven't been crafting..I just haven't been posting pics of all the stuff!
I'm sure if I think about it, there is even more things I've been doing but not taking pictures of and posting about. Oh yes..I know. I've made an appliqued pumpkin quilt square as well as cut out many many many 4inch squares for the new baby's arrival..due Dec. 25 no less.

I hope to post more pics as soon as I can..enjoy the crafts!!


NancyD said...

You sure are getting some crafting done, Sage! Wow, what a lot of nice stuff! Good to see that you are back at it, sometimes it's so hard to get back in the mood...I know that feeling. Keep it up, love to see your stuff! Ü

Ashley said...

Everything is so cute! Love the kitty pillow!