Monday, March 2, 2009

Plans for dinner?

Well..dinner has been decided upon (actually I thought about it the other day..and with spring coming, I really try to 'empty' out the freezer of 'older' items)
SOoo with that in mind, dinner tonight will be homemade 'TURKEY POT PIE'!

Check back for the recipe and pictures! YUM

(it's a good day for pot's cold and getting colder. Luckily we missed the snow the rest of the east coast is getting hit with, but we didn't miss the cold!)
BRRRrrrrrr! It's supposed to be back in the 20's tonight!

Hmm..If I was smart, I'd make Turkey Soup first, then the pot pie with the leftovers!
Hmm..what to do what to do!

NAH..we'll stick with the Pot Pie! Join me later for the cookin'!

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