Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here it is..coming near the end

I mean the week of course!
So what has everyone been up to??

I've been 'itching' to start a new 'project' and just can't decide on which to start. I've looked through all my books for the last two days, and so much caught my attention, but nothing caught it hard enough for me to run to the craft room and get going on it.
So tell me ladies, what do you do when you're in the 'what to do next' slump?

Did you ever just take a good look around your house and think..'Hmm..what can I change to make it seem 'new' to me, exciting and more pleasurable'? I do, all the time.

My big problem right now is the ultimate 'evil'...the 'how do you hide it box'..otherwise known as the TV.
I'm so wanting a 'TV' armoire' to put it in and hide it, but I can't afford to do that right now. I have two black shelves that are totally open and they house all our dvd's (of which there are many) as well as the 'stereo' equipment and such. I HATE that you can 'see' really takes away from the 'theme' I'm trying to accomplish. Which by the way is a comfortable cross between prim and country. I don't like a lot of 'stuff' just sitting about like many prim decorators, nor do I like the 'frills and ruffles' that many country decorators use.
I like plain.. a more 'Amish' look. Almost sparse, but not exactly. (confusing ain't I?)
So tell me..WHAT would you do?!
And..don't even ask the hubby to 'build' anything. He works long hard hours as it is, and is not big into 'wood' work. So that's out of the question.
Maybe I should just learn to live with it huh?
I feel like Pooh bear "Think..think..think"..but my thinkers getting tired!!

Till next time..happy hedging!
Sage...The Hedgewife

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