Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An update...

Well..the big 'boy' is still here with us and his vet visit has come and gone.
Here's the scoop gotta hear this!

A story:
The big day....or the day I took the monster to the vet:

This big boy had no clue what 'load up' meant. I tried every trick known to man to coax this dog into the back seat of the truck..even meat pieces..didn't work! Getting him in the truck was going to be impossible. So, I thought, maybe he's a 'ride in the back of the truck kinda dog'..and I proceeded to take him to the back of the truck and put the tailgate down. He just kinda looked at me. I patted the truck bed and use every word I could think of for 'loading up'. Nada. Nothing doing!
He just looked at me. Sat right at the back of that truck and looked at me. Sooo I wrapped my arms around his chest area (OH MY GAWD) He's so big, I could just barely link my fingers together around his chest. Once they were locked, I begin to lift. Nothing moved. I tried again..nothing moved.
With every bit of strength in me I did a heave ho! and barely got his front paws up on the tailgate.
I let go and looked at him. He looked back. Did he continue in the truck? OHh no..that would have been too easy. I patted the truck luck.
This dog was not going in the truck. Not because he wouldn't have, but because he was clueless.

I had to put on my thinking cap.
I was alone with this big behemoth and his appointment was at 3:30. How was I going to get him in the truck to get him there?
The light bulb went off.
I put him back in the house, went back out to the truck and drove it into the front yard. I wiggled it and maneuvered it till the tailgate (down) was straight in front of my steps and I began backing up. I brought the tailgate right up to the inch away if that.
I went back in the house, grabbed his leash, opened the front door and walked him out the door and right into the back of the truck! WALLA! Dog in truck. I tied him in and away we went.
I drove slow, cuz you never know if one is going to try and jump out the back of a truck and it made me nervous! Matter of fact, he did real well, but I was a nervous wreck when we got to the vets.
I left him tied in the truck and went in to the vets office..relaying the story once again of his 'wandering' self appearing in my yard nearly a week before and his sticking around. Then I lowered the boom on them "You guys will either have to do this check up/examination in the back of my truck.......OR someone or several someones will have to help me get him back into the truck"..They all laughed and told me no problem, they'd help me. So with that promise, I brought the big Goliath inside.
It is a boy..He weighs 123 lbs. He does NOT have heart worms (good thing too, cuz that was one condition the hubby and I would not have paid for..the cost for this big guy would have started at $650 and gone as high as $800. ( animals but for a stray..not going to do it.)
He did have intestinal worms (which we figured was a sure thing) and yep, the vet said he has to be shaved. His mats were so bad they were like armor plating. His heart is good, his lungs are good. And just as I suspected, he is a pure blood Great Pyrenees Mountain dog.
We've named him Baxter.
He is now the proud owner of a nice new legal tag, has been given all his shots and the medicine to cure his worms.
After the vet did the examination, it was of course, time to go home. Oh boy, this was gonna be fun. Me and two other ladies walked Baxter back to the truck and I told them, I really wanted to try to get him in the backseat but if we couldn't we'd put him back in the back of the truck.
We all gathered round, grabbed a hold somewhere and did a giant heave ho! He went in the back seat of the truck. It was not easy, it took a few more pushes and shoves, but in the back seat he went.
On the way home I stopped off at the dreaded walmart and picked up some dog clippers.
I've been shaving on this dog for two days. He's 90% done. I've still got the neck area and the bottom of his feet left to do, then a bath. He sits still while I shave him, but after an hour or so gets antsy and we have to give it a break. It's a lot to shave and it's difficult because of the 'mats of armor', but his body is now completely naked. WHEW! Looks like a huge naked lion running around the yard!

I'll update with pics when I can.
Baxter is one lucky fellow.
Oh yeah..plans are in order to now fence in the back yard.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A new family member?

Well..for the past two days we've had a new member roaming about the yard.
It came out of the woods one evening a few nights ago and literally scared the hubby into a scream because of the size.
What is it you ask? Well..its' apparently a stray, and from the looks of it has been a stray for a long time. It's HUGE. I mean..HUGE BIG....VERY LARGE even!! Let me say's full of mats, briar's, sticks, thorns and everything imaginable. But I've never seen a more gentle dog. Beautiful eyes..with dark black make-up around them. (sigh)
I'll be calling a 'dog groomer' and or the vet, first thing in the morning, the mats in the fur are so big, so hard and cover so much body mass that we fear it's going to require a complete shave. It's a 'Great Pyrenees breed for sure..maybe a mix, but looks almost full blooded to me.

Without further's a 'before' shot of our new possible family member. (I say before, meaning..before dog groomer and removing of the mats. NOT to mention a desperately needed bath) All the dark spots that you see...are mats and mud and dirt. It's white all over except for a small area around each ear. These mats go all the way to the skin! Makes me want to shoot the person this dog USED to belong to, because they certainly don't deserve it back!

See that thing in the background. That's my dinning room table. Did I say HUGE?

She/He is getting ready to go into a sit here, but when standing straight up, is taller then the bottom of the hutch behind! I'm only 5'1" and Scott (the one in the pic is 5'9")
My camera battery went dead before I could get a picture with Cami our Jack Russell, but boy oh boy what a difference.
I'll post an update as soon as I can..and if we do get to keep her, I'll post the after groomer pictures and new name!

Oh, by the by, we cannot tell if it's boy or girl...the mats are so bad you can't see! We thought at first it was a girl by some gentle 'probing'..but last night, a leg was cocked to use the at this point..could be either!

Ready for Monday?

Monday will be the start of the Saturday Challenge! Get things ready, be prepared and I'll check in with you soon!

It's Sunday again ..supposed to be our 'down' day, but as I mentioned the hubby is working copious amounts and I swear, it's like I haven't seen him in a month!
WOW...Valentines is just around the corner, do you have anything planned. It's the 'RED' month!
Yeah, I have colors for many of the months.
Jan is blue and white (snow and cold)
February is Red..Valentines
March is green....St. Patricks Day
April is PASTEL of all colors...Easter
May, I always considered Yellow and White, don't ask me why..maybe it's because of the blooms and flowers out.
June was green again, cuz not just the buds but now EVERYTHING was green!
July of course, is two different type of colors for me Red, white and blue because of the 4th of July and then, it was HOT HOT always bright yellow and red.
August pretty much follows that same idea..HOT HOT HOT..A white hot..
September...ahh September began the cooling, now it isn't HOT HOT's just HOT HOT..LOL so the colors of fall are starting to emerge ..and I'll lean toward the burgandy's and the oranges
October, of course is Orange and Black and Burgandy and well...all those lovely fall colors.
November ends my falls colors as December approaches I'll head toward the Red and Green.
So do the months make you think of a color?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Saturday Challenge

Let's start a weekly challenge.

Every Saturday I'll try to post the weekly challenge. Something for you to work on all week. (there may be saturdays that I don't post don't flog me! consider it a vacation!)

Here's a challenge for you to do. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Go to the door that most of your guests enter from. Take a look as if you were a guest. What's the first thing you notice?
Is it the trash can? Maybe it's your laundry room or the kitchen. It could be your living room or an entry hall. Whatever room or section it is, take a hard look and notice what your eye keys in on first. Write it down on the paper.
Continue through the house as if you were a guest, visit the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom that guests would use and continue writing down the first things that you notice.
Now, sit down and take a good look at your list.

In my house I have backdoor guests. They enter the back door, which comes right into my laundry room, through the kitchen, into the living room which has a total open floor plan so you can see every room from there. (talk about a pain)
Taking a look at my list, I notice the laundry room in general..ALL of it, cuz it's small, then the kitchen trash can, then the kitchen as a whole, then my living room and dinning room then the guest bath.
So that's the circle I need to run.
My 1/2 hour list starts in the laundry then moves through the rooms as listed.

So the challenge for this week, 'the guest path'..spend 1/2 hour each day working on the guest path. See you back here next Saturday!

Remember..TRASH FIRST..then remove things that don't belong and put them in the areas they do belong. THEN you can start cleaning.

Have a great weekend!

The Hedgewife.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Weekly Grind

Well it's back to the weekly grind around here. What with the little this and the little that it seems I've gotten lost somewhere in the middle. So starting again.

Soon it will be time for the garden to go in and then my life will get REAL busy.

The hubby has been working tons of overtime so that his life consists of work work work and nothing more. He's up and gone before the sun comes up and isnt' getting home till the sun has set. Working 7 days a week like this too! It's crazy and I'm not sure what this company expects of their workers, but it's really starting to wear on everyone's nerves just a bit.
Believe it or not, even that has thrown me off schedule.

Sometimes..just the littlest thing will 'throw me off' bout you?

Did you ever???

Have a week, or maybe two that you were so busy, running about, doing this, doing that, go here and there, fix this and that..that when those days were all over, you were plum tuckered out but took a look around and said "WOW..what the world did I do for the last two weeks, cuz it sure don't look like I accomplished anything?" Well, that's what the last month has been like for me!

I planned a quick trip to NY to see my 'kids' and their new first grandaughter, and I took two of my sisters along for the ride. The scenery was beautiful and we had a great time, but it seems I've been lost ever since that trip!

I KNOW I've gotten things done, but WHAT? and WHERE?
I've run, and done and still can see nothing that shows it. PLEASE tell me this is not how my year is going to be like..I couldn't stand it! LOL

Soooo I'm beggin someone to pull the plug, stop the world for a few days I need to get off and take a look around!!

Sound out if you've had one of those weeks..or two weeks..or even a month!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to the New Year!!

And how did you start your New Year?
Did you begin it with a bang, or let it come in quietly in the stillness of the night?

I choose to let mine come in, in peace. My house was clean, the sky was clear and I was satisfied.
Now..that does not mean that I sat on my duff all New Years day. Of course I did some, but, not for the whole day!
I've always heard it said that 'whatever you do on New Years day, you'll do the rest of the year' so I made it a point to do a few things, and NOT do a few things.
I called my kids, I played a video game and had fun with that, I did some crafting, I cleaned a bit, I read a bit, I watched tv a bit, I enjoyed the outside for a while and most importantly, I relaxed!
What I didn't do was get angry, argue, be upset, depressed or sad. I let the day take care of itself for the most part taking a few minutes here and there to do the things that made me happy or pleased.

Did I make any resolutions for this year? Well, yes and no. I made a few, they were small and ones that I know I can keep, but I didn't overdo anything in that nature.

I promised myself that I'd always make sure my kitchen was clean before going to bed (So far so good..of course, I was always pretty good about that anyway) ..and I promised myself that this years craft goal was quilts. QUILTS QUILTS AND MORE QUILTS!

So when Papa Santa came around and asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him, quilt batting for a queen sized bed. That's what papa Santa left me too. Soon then, I'll be starting my first quilt of the year. I'm ready and chomping at the bit to get it started but have a few things to tend to first.
Oh yeah, which reminds me, another resolution/promise made. To take a hard look at my craft supplies, get rid of stuff I was not using (really!), to finish any UFO's that were lurking in there (of which I'm proud to say are not too many!) and to try not to start a new project till an old was finished ...OK OK have no more then 3 going at any one time then! Gee! Can't get by with anything around here!
I have one more little secret promise too..and it is as follows.

For a few years now I have wanted to make a few dolls. I made some many years ago that turned out wonderful and have wanted to do it again..but not just any doll...nooooo! These dolls I want to make for the special people in my life and they need to look like them and represent them. So I've got 7 dolls in mind. One for my best friend, one for my daughter and one for my daughter in law. for one of my sisters and one for her daughter and finally one for each of my grandchildren born this past year ( girl). My first grandchildren and I got blessed with one of each!
Those are the special people in my life.'s on to quilt making and doll making and house keeping and dinner baking! Doing things of the old ways with the help sometimes of the new fangled machines! ON WITH THE HEDGEWIVES!

SO how about you..what resolutions/promises did you make?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To the Memory of a Northville visit.

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
By: Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know.

His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer

To stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake

The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound's the sweep

Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

Winter wonderland visit to Northville!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

I want to wish everyone a very very Happy New Year!

So tell me..what's on your resolution list??