Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My time is almost up

And in just a few days I'll be heading back to South Carolina, where I SWEAR to you it's colder then it is here in upstate NY! At any rate, I've had a wonderful visit with my son Niel and his wife Ashley and to add to the pleasure of course, their new baby girl, Ciannon.

I did get a chance to 'mess' with my son.., let's just say...I messed up his peanut butter 'chi'..LOL..

(he don't know it, but I'll probably sneak and do it again before I leave!)

Sometimes, messin' with your the most fun part of parenthood!! Ahh well, time they learned that on their own.

I'm off to the more southern climes on Friday and leave the new mom and dad to learn all the little secret things about thier daughter . I wish them the best of luck, lots of happy faces and many smiles that being a parent can bring.

Join me soon..back the farm!

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