Saturday, September 6, 2008

Look who left me a note!

I woke last weekend, knowing that the hubby had taken 'The other women' out for the day with Little Red. (read: Gone FISHIN!).
What I didn't know was that he had taken our youngest 'furkid' with him. I didn't know UNTIL I go to my coffee pot. Hubby knows if he wants me to see a note or something important, the coffee pot is the place to put it, as that is my first stop every morning.

So here I go, trudging to my coffee pot and start realizing, that Maya the shepherd is at my feet, but Cami our Jack Russell has mysteriously not showed herself yet. I begin to look around at Cami's usual 'hang outs' as I start the process for making my coffee...and then I saw it.

A note.

Was it from the hubby? No, was it from someone else? No.. here is the note for everyone to see.

It was from Cami. And don't ask, but this is exactly the way it appears, the backwards lettering, all of it. I think my hubby has lost it.
I laughed my fool butt off! It was hard to make my coffee between the tears. I saved it just so I could show everyone who visits just what kind of man I have to deal with on a daily basis.
Ok..onto some other things. A few weeks ago, my sisters Wanda and Linda and I converged on Ashley's house to visit with her and Brayden, then we all met with Tony and Melanie at the Olive Garden for lunch! So, here's a few shots of our visit! Enjoy!
Linda and Brayden


Tony and Brayden

Wanda on phone (seems I see her that way a lot!)

..................Tony without his uniform!

Melanie, Tony's wife

We had a great time at lunch of course, we all love Olive Garden.

Well, that's what the last few weeks have consisted of, beside the every day in and out of normal living. We live a pretty mundane life, except for the occasional doggy note! ENJOY and see you next time...down on the farm!


Ashley said...

LOL! "Gone fishin with dad" - that's awesome. Niel even got a kick out of this one :).

Suzanne said...

Yes it was cute!