Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I collected more booty

Today! I haven't taken pictures, but I will soon. I'm busy with tending the garden and preparing for an out of state trip.
Here's what I collected in the garden today
Lettuce, green beans, squash, banana peppers and cucumbers. And holymoly the cucumbers I've got! I tell you, it's the year of the cucumber! I've put up so many jars of bread and butter pickles it's not funny, and with about 20-30lbs more of cucumbers sitting on my counter right now, I guess I'll putting up a few more jars today! I've got to pick up some of the pickling spices before I can do any dills, but that's next on my list!

So tell me, how's your garden doing?

Oh yeah, remember those 'watermelons' I had in the garden. Well, surprise surprise..they are not watermelons either. They are PUMPKINS!!! Fitting for a broom flying gardner don't you think!

Will post pics soon, but the garden needs weeding, so why don't you grab your garden apron me at the garden gate!

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