Friday, May 2, 2008

Treasure Hunt Pictures

Remember last Saturday we went on an 'unscheduled' treasure hunt and I found some wonderful treasures?? Well I promised pictures and here they are! (I tend to get lazy sometimes when it comes to taking pictures)

Here's a few shots of the little
'sewing box/foot stool' I found.

I've already recovered it. Isn't this
material beautiful! I had just enough
to cover the top. I'm so glad I found
something I could use it on.

Isn't that the cutest little foot stool?? And I got it for $2 and
about 1/2 hour worth of work. Can't beat that huh?

Ok, on to the next 'big' item. Did I tell you about the little jelly cupboard? Well, if not, then here it is. I've cleaned it up, scrubbed it down and already packed it with my stuff! I opened the doors and put two of the towels that I made several months back hanging over the doors. It sits in my kitchen and I LOVE IT!

Isn't it cute? I closed the doors on this picture so you could see the 'paint' that someone had put on it. I was going to sand it off a wee bit, but in a way, I kinda like the character it gives it, and besides all that, with the doors open, you can't see it.
Ok, and finally the basket that I found a the flea market. It's an amazing basket, it's huge! I put a bell pepper in front of it so you could see the 'size' of this guy! I truly love this basket. Can't wait to use it for our garden bounty!
So there they are, the treasures that I found on our unplanned treasure hunting day. Total cost for all this, was $9. Pretty good huh?
I hope you've enjoyed the treasure pictures!
Till next time, when I see you ..down on the farm!

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