Monday, April 21, 2008

The season is turning

For sure the season of summer is coming upon us here in the South. It was 80 degrees yesterday! Here in South Carolina, that means, we'll start getting very hot days, with showers in the afternoons. It'll be our rainy season, as late spring usually is. Let's hope we don't have another 'drought' this year. The gardens suffered for it last year for sure!

The chickens enjoyed a whole day out of their run. Since we were home, we figured they'd enjoy a 'vacation' from the run too! They are getting very spoiled.
We finished up some yard work yesterday, garden too, but there is still more to do, with time.
I picked our second crop of mustard greens, and the first crop of some collards. Mixed them together and cooked them for dinner, along with some homemade sourdough bread and steaks on the grill! YUM!!

The gig that I had on Saturday went very well. Cept for the gnats! I think I lost a quart of blood! The sand gnats were viscious! This is part of the very reason that I do not want to live anywhere near the water. Pretty though it may be..and the envy of those who do not know, but the gnats are enough to drive any sane person further inland! I'll stay right here on the farm, out in the middle of no where and travel to the beach when I want to see the water or go swimming. I would not live with those no no!

As normal, it's another day on the Farm, laundry to be hung, weeds to tend to (err..I mean pull), garden to groom and the chickens to feed! So, till next time, I'll see ya down on the Farm!

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