Thursday, April 10, 2008

Give a weed an inch, and it will take a yard!

Today..well, I'm heading to do some flowers in the garden, but I do believe I'll begin putting my newspapers down in my pathways to start the control of the dreaded weed. If I get the newspapers down today, maybe I can get it mulched this weekend, and my garden pathways will be weed free! (for this year at least!) It's early still yet, not even 8am yet, so I should be able to get much done before noon!

Gardening tip of the day..:
A thin coating of newly mown grass cuttings spread around cabbages, broccoli and similar plants
will keep them caterpillar-free.

So keep in mind your 'cabbage' family plants..and the caterpillars that do love them, remember the grass!
I'm off to weed and plant and weed and plant..See you next time, at the Garden Gate!

3 hours Later.................................(whew!) Ya know, the weather man said it was going to be 80 deg or better today..and by george..he's right! It's gettin 'hot out there!

Well, the flowers didn't get done. I went straight to the veggie garden and found lots of things to do. First..I weeded a few more boxes. Mounded some dirt up on all the tomatoes to help them grow sturdy stems. Fixed a few of the beds that looked a bit 'low' on dirt, raked some areas more level and then finally, started putting the newspapers and the plastic down in the pathways around the boxes. I leveled any high areas first, then put down layers of paper, newspaper.

Yes, even the inked ones. No plants are going in this area, I just don't want a garden of weeds in my pathways.

Once at least 3-5 layers of newspapers were down, I put the plastic over top that I had cut to size earlier. I got 4 of the pathways done before I ran out of newspapers! SOoooo Now, I have to go somewhere and find more. ((sigh)) ..
I don't have my mulch yet, so I had to place bricks on each end to hold the plastic down in the breeze until I can get my mulch..this will have to do, but PART of the job is done.

A little done each day, keeps me from having to do tons all in one week!
I transplanted a few 'doubled up' brocolli's today. I hope they make it.

I'll post pictures of all this later!


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