Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Red and Baby Bass

It's time to update again, as today the hubby became the proud owner of 'baby bass'!
It took some convienceing, but hubby finally did it. He bought himself a boat. It took us several days to finaly get all the paperwork finished, insurance taken care of and the time to pick it up, but the hubby became the proud papa of a brand new G3Yamaha Bass boat. He brought her home today. Wanna see??

Ain't she a beaut!?

There he is, the proud papa and what a grin that is!

He's in seventh heaven. Having not had a boat in his possesion for many many moons, he's chomping at the bit to get back out to the water and take her out and toss a line.
She's sleek, sexy and ohh so comfy! Her gun metal gray hull with blue and red graphic stripes make her look pretty good riding behind Big Red. Hubby says it's "Little Red" cuz it's a Toyota, but she's not all that little. She can haul the Baby Bass just fine!
She's parked in the back of the yard now, in the shade and covered of course, till we take her out this weekend for her virgin run. We won't be 'wettin a line', as the honey says, but just seeing how she runs, rides and cruises.

It's a weekend of adventure coming up, and I can't wait. It'll be a full weekend too, as we are going to the Rodeo on Saturday evening, or possibly Friday, heck...maybe both!!

What a weekend we've got coming up! Time for a tan.

That's not all, I upgraded a few things in the house today too. Take a look at this!
My new quilt with matching pillow shams. I picked up two extra off white shams, that have Battenburg lace on them. It looks sooo inviting! I'm ready for a nap!

Ohh yeah, one more thing. Remember way back when, when I posted "Look what We did today"...and the Daughter in law and myself painted my dinning room? Well, I've been waiting a long time to find just the right curtains and I do believe today I did just that, so here's a peek at those!

I love how they look and they do help with the electric cost, as the sun sure does come in these windows in the heat of the day and really heat the house up. Now, the house will stay cooler and the dinning room is looking pretty snazy!
Well, it's time to go grill some steaks and peppers on the grill, the weather is great and it's time to celebrate! ENJOY and see ya next time................
down on the farm!


Unknown said...

Oh you guys are going to be the invy of the water folk this weekend. I wish it was warm enough here to swim and we would get wet too. I hate to spend so much on gas and not get to swim. Have a lot of fun!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Love the nautical music too! How appropriate! Love the bedding too. How can you get so much done in one day?