Sunday, March 23, 2008

Well, it's BUNNY TIME!

Here's wishing everyone a great Easter if you celebrate it, and or a great Spring Equinox, or Ostara for those that celebrate in other ways!

We've been busy all weekend with planting flowers, framing gardens, rearranging rooms, clearing out rooms of uneeded items and preparing for our upcoming weekend gathering. WHEW! It's been very tiring!
I'm ready for a long winters nap! Ohh wait..I already had that didn't I? Well, I was supposed to have that, somewhere along the line my long winters nap got lost in the shuffle of winter vacations and redecorating tasks. Can I take it now?? I sure do need it!

I'm vowing to myself, that as soon as this upcoming 'gathering' weekend is over, I'm taking my Spring Break, I'm going to do NOTHING for a week! (well, 5 days worth of it at least)

We didn't get to finish planting the garden this weekend as hoped. Our temps are supposed to hit freezing tomorrow night, so we are holding off for a few more weeks. I WOULD do it next weekend, but that's the gathering time, so it will have to be postponed till the following weekend.
It's ok though, if you do a garden, patience is a must.

I hear the couch calling me to come relax and put my feet up. Can't you hear it? Till next time.

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