Monday, March 31, 2008

Draggin' her butt!

Well, it's over. The big day has passed and everything went off without a hitch. The table was beautiful, the decorations were tactfuly done and very pretty, and the flower bouquets were everywhere! We had a grand time, and my daughter got enough stuff to last the baby it's first year plus! I tell you this much, this baby could sport a new outfit everyday, never wear the same thing twice, and still not run out of things to wear for a year! EGADS!
All went well, and I will be posting some pictures of the event later in the week.
Right now, I've promised myself a five day mini vacation, and I have full intentions of taking it starting...YESTERDAY!! The house is in order, all cleaned and back to it's original pre party state, and I'm TIRED. So I'm taking a break! I deserve it! (I tell myself I do anyway :)
Oh yeah, one more thing. I guess this little family of ours is becoming a baby magnet. On Friday, my Daughter in law (My painting partner in crime) and Son called me from NY. Seems, they are now expecting their first little bundle of joy!
I guess this means I gotta get started on a new baby quilt huh??

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